Global Network

From a solid global foundation to the next generation

Yutaka has actively developed overseas locations in order to keep pace with expansion in the automobile production which is in line with the concept of "producing close to the customer."
Parent company functions in Japan form the core of a highly efficient production network, and Yutaka will expand cooperation between overseas sites and strengthen the development structure, promoting development and production in response to global demand.

Global Expansion

Yutaka’s worldwide network

Onsite Reports

Onsite reports from employees
active in areas around the world.

Purchasing, North American Regional Operations, CYT (USA)

Ayako Noda

I am responsible for selecting and proposing suppliers for purchasing automotive parts externally, launch support, cost management of mass production parts and cost improvement for new parts that will be launched in the US and Mexico.

We handle stamped products, pipes, pipe processed products, cast products, screws and so forth. We examine and propose suppliers for purchasing from Group sites as well as local manufacturers and suppliers in other countries.

This workplace offers plenty of daily stimulation, and is challenging due to the language barrier as well as differences in culture and ways of thinking. When my colleagues and I achieve a goal together in this environment, it gives me a sense of job fulfillment.

Manufacturing Department 1, Manufacturing Division, CFF (China)

Zheng Yuejun

I am Zheng Yuejun, manager of Manufacturing Department 1. The Department’s sections include stamping and brazing, manufacturing technologies, and casting. My job is to manage equipment, dies, jigs and so forth, reduce processing expenses, and increase staff efficiency. I propose business plans and promote them to ensure that each section achieves the company’s targets.

Market competition is growing tougher and operating expenses are also climbing every year. By improving die surface treatment, we can dramatically lengthen their service lives and produce different kinds by modifying the production line, thereby leveling the load on the lines. Through measures like these, I am thinking of measures to meet the company’s and customers’ requirements and putting them into action. Consulting with my supervisor and teaching my junior colleagues has improved my communication skills too.

Over ten years, I have risen in rank from a general employee to a department manager, and my sense of responsibility has also increased. I will work even harder to improve going forward.

Quality Management Division, YMI (Indonesia)

Andhika Setya Budi

I was appointed as manager of Quality Management Division at Yutaka Manufacturing Indonesia (YMI) in May 2005.

I work with 71 team members to assure the quality of YMI products by analyzing the quality and the manufacturing process of parts purchased from suppliers. There are many difficulties to be overcome in this job, but with the help of the Quality Management team, we have created a challenging and fulfilling workplace.

YMI has nurtured my growth as an individual in both technology aspects and personal development. I myself will actively contribute to the development of YMI in the hope that it will become the manufacturer of the highest quality mufflers and discs in Asia.