Quick Guide to Yutaka

A compact introduction to Yutaka’s appeal.

Established 1954

The predecessor of Takaoka Giken Kogyo Co., Ltd. was established in July 1954 as Torii Painting Co., Ltd. (The company name was changed in 1983). In 1976, Press Giken Kogyo Co., Ltd. was established, and Yutaka Giken Co., Ltd. was established through the merger of the two companies in November 1986.

Consolidated Revenue
163,435 Million Yen

Yutaka’s revenue is expanding significantly, mainly overseas.

Global Number of
Employees 9,000

Yutaka operates globally, with approximately 9,000 employees working together at 11 locations in nine countries.

2030 Vision

Yutaka is committed to strive to achieve an ongoing evolution of technologies and manufacturing skills in order to be a company that shows promise in this new era.

YUTAKA Clean for the future

Major Lines of Business

Yutaka develops and manufactures various automotive parts with a focus on its core technologies in precision stamping and precision welding.

Technological Capabilities

Yutaka works together with customers to develop the functions they require, delivering these to the world in the form of high-performance products.

Work Style—
100% Paid Leave Usage

At Yutaka, we believe in the adage, "work hard, play hard." In addition to maintaining a 100% usage rate of paid leave, we have also provided enhanced systems for childcare and nursing care to create an environment where employees can continue working with peace of mind.

Work Style—
High Quality Training Program

Employees receive level-specific training according to the number of years of service and promotions, as well as specialist working group activities designed to develop experts for different types of work. Through these and other programs, employees promote their own growth.