Disc brake

What is a disc brake?

Disc brakes are parts used in the braking devices that decelerate and stop automobiles and motorcycles.
When brake pads are pressed onto the disc brake, the resulting friction creates a force that brakes the motorcycle. Compared to a drum brake, the disc brake has superior heat dissipation properties, because it is always exposed to the air, and can therefore maintain stable braking forces.

Mounting position

For motorcycles the disc brakes are fitted to the wheels. They are also appearance parts that are available in a wide range of shapes and colors.


A typical structure is that of floating discs.
This structure is separated into the disc that generates the friction and the hub that retains the disc, with the two parts connected using floating pins.
In this structure, because the discs are allowed to float so that they track the brake pads better under braking, and because distortions in the discs caused by heat can be absorbed, they are used in motorcycles where strong braking performance is required.