Catalytic converter

What is a catalytic converter?

A catalytic converter is a device for purifying exhaust gases that oxidizes or reduces the harmful substances in exhaust gases (CO, HC, NOx) and converts them into harmless substances (CO2, H2, N2).
The technique to hold the catalyst, while sealing in exhaust gases, is key.

Mounting position

The catalytic converter is mounted right behind the exhaust manifold.


The catalytic converter is made up of the case that holds the catalyst and the ducts before and after the case.
The process of inserting the catalyst in its case is known as “canning,” and Yutaka uses shrink canning technology, which varies the degree of shrinkage in the case to adjust the strength with which the catalyst is held.
In addition, by inserting two separate catalysts in one integrated case, Yutaka has managed to create a compact, high-performance exhaust gas purification device.