Challenges by
Yutaka People
Aiming to Achieve Two Goals Simultaneously!
- Pursuit of a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions and a 50% increase in production -
Torque converter (*1), one of Yutaka Giken's main products, undergo an important process called "brazing." In this process, which is like "soldering," an assembly is put into a high-temperature furnace that melts metal (brazing). The melted metal flows as an adhesive into gaps among parts to create strong bonds.

Brand-new brazing furnaceThe price of keeping the furnace hot was the creation of lots of CO
2 emissions. During development of the new type "brazing furnace," Yutaka Plant worked out the big, across-the-board target of achieving both the drastic cut in CO2 emissions throughout the entire factory and an increase in production capacity by half.
Let us take a close look at the "Brazing Furnace" development team that achieved
both "a reduction in CO2 and an increase in productivity."

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[Glossary]*1: Torque converter:
An important part of automatic transmission vehicle that amplifies and transmits engine torque to the transmission. By introducing the new brazing furnace,
the torque converter-dedicated Yutaka Plant alone meets 3-million orders a year.