Yutaka has met the challenge of creating products that contribute to preserving the global environment, such as disc brakes and exhaust systems for motorcycles, and exhaust systems, torque converters and next-generation environmentally friendly products for automobiles. We have done so on a global scale by employing our integrated system—from research, through development and onto production—under its slogan "Clean for the Future."

With drastic changes surrounding the automotive industry, we believe it is a mission for us and other suppliers to continue delivering new value to our customers through our innovative technology and proven manufacturing abilities.

All members of Yutaka are determined to join forces to create a climate and structure for the company that allows us to enhance our enthusiasm for making efforts and to courageously pursue challenges. We will go back to our original intentions once again and firmly establish a footing to overcome this once-in-a-century period of transformation and become a company that is required for this new era.

We appreciate your further guidance and support.

Meeting Future Challenges.

President & Representative Director, Naoki Shiraishi